Mystery Readers
What is a Mystery Reader? Mystery Readers are special guests who come to our classroom to read a story to students. Mystery Readers can be parents, grandparents, older siblings, or other relatives. Occasionally mystery readers may be staff members from Woodland Elementary.

When do Mystery Readers come? Mystery Readers come to our classroom on Fridays at 12:35. However, if a Mystery Reader needs a different time to suit their schedule, we'll be glad to accommodate!

Why use the Mystery Reader program? Students love to see their parents, grandparents, and special friends get involved in our classroom. The Mystery Reader program allows any one who wants to become involved because it requires little time, but the memories will last forever for the surprised students!

Where do I go to sign up to be a Mystery Reader? The Mystery Reader program will not begin until October. I will have a Mystery Reader sign-up sheet in the room at Open House on August 28th and Curriculum Night on September . I will also send a reminder home, or you can let me know through email that you would like to be involved in this program. Your child will be SO excited that you participated, but remember to keep it "top secret" until your big day arrives!

How does the Mystery Reader program work?
Once you've signed up for a date to come read to our class, you can start thinking of a book you would like to bring to read. If you don't have a book, I will be glad to have one for you. The week prior to your visit, I will send you a reminder, along with a request for five clues to read to the students the day of your visit. There should be 5 clues that start general and become more specific. By the fifth clue, your child should be able to guess that you are the special mystery reader for the day!

Dates for Mystery Readers for 2012-2013


**Dates in Red are reserved. THANK YOU!**

Families, Please contact me if you or a family member is interested in being a Mystery Reader and did not get a chance to sign up at Open House or Curriculum Night. We will begin Mystery Readers on a Fridays throughout the year starting in October. Click on the young detective above for a formal Mystery Reader Invite you can print out! Let's fill up the Mystery Reader Calendar! Thank you to Beth Newingham and Amanda Madden for this great ideas and copy of the invitation!